On Monday, February 15th, DUNCAN debuted its Fall/Winter 2021 collection as part of the New York Fashion Week calendar with a lookbook and film shot by Bryan Liston and to the music of Ladytron.
“With an ode to the most frenetic place on Earth, New York City, we shift into a new chapter of the world, unbending and indivisible in our grit, stoicism, and charisma. Filled with a frenzied and relentless energy that leaves us sleepless and in constant pursuit of tensions and extremes. Our city, our culture, our dreams, our damning determination – A Monolith.
In this collection, heavily tailored garments are designed to mirror the monolithic, structurally tailored buildings of New York City. Subtle, surprising details of Swarovski crystals in silver and red, platinum eyelets, flowing black beaded adornments that shake with each step juxtapose the tailoring to represent the energy, the frivolous, the chaos and the dazzling glamour of the society that defines New York City. This collection is my love letter to the city of tensions and dreams,” says Michelle Duncan
Photographer Credit: Bryan Liston.


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